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Eat…Sleep…Designs is my motto. It is what I live my life by. As a matter of fact I even have a shirt that shouts this motto and I wear it proudly. For those who don’t already know, art design is my passion. I pretty much eat, sleep and breathe design work. Every minute of the day, that is all I can think about. It all started when I was in kindergarten. Every time it was time to draw something, I really enjoyed every minute of it, from the brainstorming and actually transferring the mental imager in my head on to paper. Of course at the time I didn’t realize it, but one thing is for sure is that it was very fun. I also noticed that my pictures were a lot better than all of my friends as they would say how cool mine looked and they would ask me to draw one for them too. Over the years I began to cultivate this newly discovered talent and I kept on refining it over and over the years. I ended up developing a style that new and refreshing as they call it.

My friends and family were the first of my customers because they would always come to me to draw something for them. Whether it was for their book cover, for a art project in school, or a team logo for their basketball team. I felt that my skills in art design were limit less. I felt really comfortable doing graphic design using popular tools like photoshop. I eventually wanted to expand and share my skills with a different market and that was all the local business owners in my area. There were a lot restaurant owners, dry cleaners, window tint shops, pet stores and limos and taxi rental shops out there that could really use my expertise. Whenever I would visit their website, I noticed that they either didn’t have one and if they did, it looked really sloppy and unprofessional.

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 5.02.51 PMWe all know how important first impressions are. So when I customer first visits your site and it really rough on the eyes, it will give the impression that your quality of service is probably the same way as well. My first local business owner that I ended up working with operated in the Temecula Valley limo market. He was very impressed with my design portfolio which was what gave him the full confidence to work with me. After I successfully completed this job, it kind of created a snowball effect from here. I started getting a lot of inquiries in my area and other surrounding areas as well. I was just so ecstatic of fast everything happened. Thats pretty much how I everything got started, how I turned my eat, sleep, design passion into a business.

For those who are reading this and became inspired by my story and now want to pursue design as a career. Let me save you all the trouble and give you help first step forward with the YouTube video below. I highly recommend this video as a good starter.